wah-wah songs

by filigranas


Segundo album doble.

Intriguing “wall of sound” double album of textured songs reveals its joys through continuous spins and attentive listening. Winds blowing blades of grass with the earth still spinning around a red sun.

Three years after their self-titled debut, filigranas continues its exploration of warm textured, semi-acoustic sounds. Wah-Wah songs is a lush collection of songs evolving at times into marine landscapes, especially noticeable through the second disc (yes, it is a rare double album in a time and age of immediate downloads and machine-driven songs). Evocations of different sorts abound: passages of imaginary countryside roads, recollections of love, blue moons, red suns, or even those mysterious summer marshes.

Comprar el álbum doble completo via Bandcamp por US$13.99 incluido el envío (solo en USA o donde esté disponible el servicio PayPal) *incluye 3 canciones adicionales no disponibles para descarga. 

Comprar el album doble completo para descarga digital via Bandcamp por US$9.99

Buy complete double album via Bandcamp for US$9.99. Shipping included for US destinations only. *with 3 bonus tracks unavailable for digital download.

Buy complete double album for digital download via Bandcamp for US$9.99

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Other destinations buy at itunes, www.cdbaby.com and amazon.com